Saw Project


Saw project is another quick mini-game idea I came up with based on the the flammable jelly trap from the first saw movie. It requires the Victim (a.k.a you) to just simply enter the correct combo into the safe, theres no need to guess because the correct combination is written …

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Astro Space Lander

ASL box art

Astro Space Lander is a 2D retro/simulation of the text based game made in the 1970’s known as Lunar lander or moon lander. The object of this game is to land a ship correctly on a landing pad with scores being based on Landing accuracy and fuel usage/control     …

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360 Panorama viewer

360 Panoramic viewer is a free opensource panoramic image viewer built with the unity game engine. This was Built because of the lack of not only a free, but open source software. When creating 360 Panographic images I used 360 Panorama ( IOS / Android ) note: the app on …

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Flappy Heil !!!

Flappy Heil is a game inspired by the famous Flappy Bird game. The mini-game consists of three different game modes. Flappy Heil Fatty Bird Triple Bird Flappy Heil- The main game, The object is to guide hitler to fuhrer bunker! Fatty Bird – A heavier slower bird, that needs to …

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Loading Bar Game

The First & weird program made by RedScar. — Minimum tested system requirements Processor with 1.67 GHz, 256 MB of Ram — This Game Requires the Microsoft .net Framework 3.0 Download Links: Mediafire Download Link 1 ( Mediafire ) —- Game updated (3/29/11) -now reflects changes in framework -updated web …

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