Matrix VR Project

During the new year of 2018 I saw a rerun of the first Matrix
movie. Having seen this movie when it originally came out in
1999 it wasn’t my first time seeing it but with the semi-
recent release of VR to main stream consumers. The idea of
creating another movie scene based proof of concept idea was

The weapons room that is seen in the Matrix is a perfect fit
for VR. And this project has played as a nice intro to vr for
me. As seen in the movie clip below the weapons racks spawn in
long aisles and move towards the player loaded with any type
of gun you could want. If I was going to continue with this
idea I would have the player start in the weapons room.
Assemble their preferred load out and then teleport them to a
world / scene where they must assault a predesignated location
or have the player run around in an open world city GTA style.

Game Download

Matrix VR win build 1  on Dropbox

Matrix VR win build 1  on MediaFire

Original Movie Trailer
Youtube Video

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