Halo PC Server


This webpage hosts useful information about the Halo dedicated PC server that is becoming more difficult to find as the years go by.

init.txt file commands

In Game Commands


Halo Dedicated Server Only Commands


Example init.txt file

sv_name “My dedicated server”
sv_public true
sv_maxplayers 8
sv_password levitate
sv_mapcycle_timeout 15
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch “CTF”
sv_mapcycle_add putput “team slayer”


Custom Halo Gamemodes
Included in download is:

  • ShottyNoShields
    • Players have no shields and only shotguns (Play on small maps for most fun)
  • RocketTag
    • Juggernaut but with only rockets kill the juggernaut to become him then any kills count toward your score.
  • Rockets
    • Standard Slayer with only rockets
  • Snipers
    • Standard slayer with only Snipers

Place GameTypes in the directory below:
C:\Users\<YourUsername>\Documents\my games\Halo\savegames

Halo Maps Download
The Multiplayer Maps for Standard Halo needed for a dedicated server.


Halo Server Extra References



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