Saw Project

Saw project is another quick mini-game idea I came up with based on the the flammable jelly trap from the first saw movie. It requires the Victim (a.k.a you) to just simply enter the correct combo into the safe, theres no need to guess because the correct combination is written on the wall somewhere.

Upon finding the correct combo your given the anti-dote and a key to escape the room after that you’ve essentially beaten the game, Great work! However if you wish to escape the facility itself you’ll have to solve another maze of problems.

_- Controls – _

W, A, S, D – Move
Pick up object – Left Mouse
Access Safe – Right Mouse

Menu – Escape key


Other notes:
I used a visual scripting system for the first time in this game. its what causes momentary lag sometimes, All I can say is Lesson learned. I wont be using it ever again. 


_- Download -_

Saw Project 0.2 (Dropbox)

Saw Project 0.2 (MediaFire)

Astro Space Lander

ASL box art

Astro Space Lander is a 2D retro/simulation of the text based game made in the 1970’s known as Lunar lander or moon lander.

The object of this game is to land a ship correctly on a landing pad with scores being based on Landing accuracy and fuel usage/control



image 1

image 2
– Download Links –

Download Link 1 ( MediaFire)